Reality of existence of fairies

One researcher, having carried out psychoanalysis of data, concluded that invisible to a human eye, essence exist. Gins, demons, deities, fairies and incorporeal human spirit are quite real. Also they with ease change the appearance depending on circumstances. Even appearance of sparkling newcomers from UFOs in new mythology, connected on a visit fairies. Ufologies confirm this opinion. You can visit fairy pictures gallery on this site.

There are many certificates on meetings of people with fairies. There are more than 100 messages on emergence of mythical images. At the beginning of the 19th century noticed whole "army" of fairies which stole the little girl, the daughter of the peasant. There were attempts to hold fairies, but soon it was possible to that to run. 

Some sources assumed that for fairies there is no time, they are immortal. There were people who managed to see a procession of funeral of fairies. These visions could be a harbinger of sudden death. Especially the subject of fairies, northern spirits was loved by poets. Also it was taken out by them poetically in the spirit of romanticism. They represented the works in a genre of dream, secret of soul. One researcher the doctor studied life of indigenous people of Scotland. Later it described the impressions in work. Here it described a life of people, their occupations, and also told about underground inhabitants of the Kingdom of fairies. Meetings of people with trolls, the help of fantastic heroes were in detail shined. Including about bad stories when fairies forever carried away the person in the Kingdom of the dead.

One Hungarian expert in the mineralogy, fond of folklore, collects messages on mysterious percussions in coal mines of the Czech Republic. Local workers are sure that thus magic forces warn them about close danger. Or that the place of development is chosen incorrectly. His wife herself was the witness when in a room fires in size with a plate were suddenly lit. After they noticed round fires tiny black figures. They chaotically moved, twitching, in chaotic dance. And right there began to disappear.

In Scotland, where such profession as the miller, considered as the nature close to management. Representatives of this profession considered as helpers of magic beings. Why – that, in this district of the fairy were especially malicious. And, certainly, caused panic fear. When started to darken, it was terrible to think of coming to the miller. At this time fairies started to prepare wheat for a grinding. In settlements where in it trusted, the miller could sleep easily. Without being afraid of a robbery. 

As – that one miller woke up at night from noise. Also became the witness as fairies try to work at his mill. Their attempts were unsuccessful. Seeing this situation, the miller tried to offer the help. On it the fairy gave two handfuls of a food, and told to put them on wheat stocks. Allegedly, after that, the mill will be always rich with stocks of grain.

On a case of need for the help, it was possible even to call the fairy by name. And to ask to execute desire. If the fairy in good mood, it was possible to hope for her help. If the fairy is offended, it could show cruelty. They told to magicians and sorcerers magic secrets.

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